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The Society was formed in 1964 to encourage and promote interest in the study of the history of County Durham. It is a registered charity (no. 235597). The work of the Society particularly focuses on recent centuries when County Durham was playing a major part in the economic and industrial growth of Britain, and also making its individual contribution to the industrial, social, religious and political development of our country. The Society arranges talks open free to non-members, attends events promoting local history, issues a range of publications and maintains this website.

The Journal, available free to members, includes original contributions on Durham's history, articles on sources and reviews of books. Other publications, covering original research on a wide range of local topics, are made available to members at reduced prices.


Dating events in the early modern North Country - dating statements and the rise of almanac time.
Thursday 12 June at 5.15 pm at Alington House, North Bailey, Durham.

We are privileged to host a newly prepared talk by Keith Wrightson of Yale University. Born in Croxdale, he is the pre-eminent historian of early modern English social and cultural history, has a particular interest in North East history and has maintained strong links with Durham University. As traditional with DCLHS talks we will be serving tea/coffee and biscuits after the talk. As always admission is free.

Annual General Meeting 2014

The Society's 50th AGM will be held on Saturday 20 September at 11 am in Committee Room No.2 at County Hall, Durham.

Ordinary Members15.00 GBP from 1 April 2013
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